WordPress SEO Training For The DYI’er

Do you need SEO help, but can’t find the budget that is needed to have someone else do it? Are you a DIY kind of entrepreneur that just needs a little bit of training and you can handle it? Well then Harvester Solutions has what you need.¬†

WordPress SEO trainingWordPress SEO training is centered around a few important and powerful plugins. Getting familiar with how the plugin works is a large part of the battle when it comes to optimizing a website to be SEO friendly. The website needs to be found by Google and in turn discovered by people needing something like what the website offers. Make that process easier for all involved (both for Google and future customers & clients) by tweaking the website content to be SEO friendly.

A half day of training (we’re talking like 4 hours) can get you the knowledge to have a website SEO friendly and being looked at more favorably by search engines like Google and Bing. It doesn’t hurt to have an advantage online, so go ahead and do some SEO stweak to that website. You’ll be happy that you did when people start finding you online and business improves.

Here’s what to expect with a customized SEO training for your website:

  • WordPress SEO trainingOnsite or online training with a real person
  • SEO training materials customized for your website
  • Hands-on training with your website (you’ll need to be in front of a computer)
  • Interactive training with lots of Q&A
  • 30 days of email support to help answer any questions that might come up

This SEO training will help:

  • Non profit organizations and staff
  • Small businesses owners
  • Entrepreneurial endeavors
  • Solo-preneurs

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