WordPress Purchased by Google… It’s coming!

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Will Google acquire WordPressYep, that’s right, WordPress will be purchased by Google. It seems like a great strategic play by Google that makes sense because WordPress powers 30% of the top 10 million websites on the Internet (Mar 2018) And, new installs are popping up all over the Internet every day. So if a company wants to better control and manipulate users on the Web, then it should procure the platform that is most widely used by people for creating a website.


The Acquisition

This “deal” may or may not happen (probably will). However, it does help to explain why the editor update inside the WordPress dashboard is shifting away from the Classic editor (TinyMCE) and to Gutenberg and blocks. Gutenberg (or G’berg from here on out) is an attempt to make creating content for a blog or website easier. The web development market has seen an increase in market share of web site builders like Wix and Squarespace. These proprietary web platforms make it incredibly easy for non-tech folks to drag-and-drop their way into a useful, aesthetically pleasing website. This success is not going un-noticed because web host like Godaddy and InMotion Hosting are making huge efforts to provide easy web site building tools for clients of their hosting services. Web companies are seeing that simplifying the web site building process by eliminating things like learning code and photo editing increase their reach into a market segment of society that is not digitally savvy, but has a desire for a web presence. Bottom line is make building a website easier and then attract/retain more clients.


Coming From the Top

Well Matt Mullenweg and the upper echelon of leadership at Automattic see this concept too. This is why G’berg has been pushed through the development process so quickly. G’berg is a HUGE update to the way users interact with and create content for WordPress websites. The old Classic editor where there is a title box and a content box with some common word processing cues is going away completely and will be replaced with a white “content” area that “block” code types can be added in order to produce rich on page content for users visiting a website. Within a block there will be the ability to add text, titles, images, functionality, etc. The G’berg update in theory should make creating content easier.


Developers are Adapting

Big players in the WordPress development world like Yoast (SEO) and Beaver Builder (theme/framework) are very aware of the upcoming WordPress core changes. These companies are working diligently to ensure their code bases work with the coming G’berg update. This does not mean that themes are going to disappear. On the contrary, for now themes are still very much needed in order to style the layout of the website. Themes control things like headers, footers, sidebars, possible integrated functionality, etc. and this styling will still be needed. G’berg in its current state is about editing CONTENT (think text and images) on the page, not changing page layout or template styles. Bottom line is that the major WordPress development companies are aware of G’berg and are making strides to ensure their products will play well with G’berg.

Ultimate Goal

So, all the changes to make WordPress more attractive to a larger user base, along with already controlling 30% of websites on the Internet – these things will make WordPress an excellent candidate to be purchased by Google. Besides, isn’t the goal of any entrepreneur to build a business from scratch then sell it for a huge gain then go off and do it again?

Ok, if it’s not Google making a play for WordPress, then who else is a contender to procure the web site platform? Maybe an Alibaba or Amazon because it would have to be someone with deep pockets. Just throwing all this out there to get people thinking about larger, over arching company goals that might be in play as G’berg is set to roll out to everyone at the end of November (probably).

As always, please comment below. Is Google going to purchase WordPress to control 30+ percent of the websites on the Internet? Is G’berg being rolled out to help users create better content more efficiently? Or, is it a play to bolster the WordPress platform in order to make it look more attractive to buyers (and make the asking price higher too)? Interested to hear other takes on the scenario.

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