Valued Digital Resources

Digital Resources
These are digital resources that I trust and use on a regular basis. I trust them so much that I signed up for their affiliate programs and want to share their products and services. Most of the programs linked here are mutually beneficial to me and the person signing up. Even if you don’t use the links I have here to these valuable resources, please do Google the resource names and check them out that way.

Recommended Digital Resources

ServerPress – This is a fantastic tool for doing local website development. You can create and work on a WordPress website without being connected to the Internet.

InMotion Hosting – When you’ve had enough of GoDaddy, BlueHost, Hostgator, or the rest of the web host crowd… come over to the best web hosting service I have ever used. From pricing to support, they have it all!

ConciergeWP – Keeping a WordPress website safe, secure, and updated is an important part of having the site. This service is no worry WordPress security and provides peace of mind for you.

LastPass – Security on the Internet is important to website and social media managers. That means lots of login info and passwords for all the various sites. This is a way to have unique passwords and to be safer on the Web.

Hootsuite – Wondering how to manage multiple social media accounts? Want to do things like schedule posts, check url stats, and get great reports? This is the social media management tool to investigate and use.

Dropbox – Having access to files when you are away from the office and on whatever device you are carrying that day with this great cloud based storage service. It’s like have a huge hard drive on the Internet.

Eventbrite – This is by far the best tool to setup, promote, and manage attendees for an event. It is super easy to sign up and set up events with all the signup details and particulars.

Additional Helpful Resources

Dollar Shave Club – Good grooming is essential to presenting a professional image. This is the best deal I’ve found on razors. They are even cheaper than Costco.

LYFT – Not an Uber fan, so LYFT is the service we like to use when we can’t get somewhere via public transportation.