Update Social Media from One Place with Hootsuite

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HootSuite Pro Social Media Management. HootSuite Pro social media dashboard.

Update all the social media from one place…sound like something to good to be true?!? Well it’s not, Hootsuite is the tool to have all social media in one place. Hootsuite pulls together all mainstream social media feeds into one place so updates, posts, images, links, videos, etc. can be created, managed, scheduled, sent and received from one central location. In the social media industry this tool is referred to as a social media account aggregator. Not an alligator, but an aggregator.

Hootsuite can pull social media accounts like Facebook profiles, Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter accounts, Google + profiles, LinkedIn accounts, WordPress.com blogs, Foursquare and a myriad of other services into one central location. From here posts can be created and then sent out to one or multiple accounts. Another huge perk is being able to schedule when posts are updated to different sites. For example, research says that certain times of the day are better to post updates, so Hootsuite can be used to target those prime times and automatically send out a post during the peak time of user engagement for certain social media channels. This ensures that posts are getting seen by the people that need to see them. Hootsuite will


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