Top Tips for Pleasing Customers in Our On-The-Go World

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Guest Post: Marissa Perez has spent the last 10 years honing her marketing skills, and now she wants to share her knowledge with those who have decided to take on entrepreneurship.

Are you looking for ways to raise customer satisfaction?  Everyone is busy these days, and the last thing people want to do is get bogged down when they’re trying to spend their hard-earned money.  Here’s how to improve their shopping experience so you not only make those sales, but you also keep those customers coming back for more.


Create a great website


Customers expect more from companies than they used to.  Even if you have a successful store and ample foot traffic, some statistics indicate people are trending toward making purchases online more than ever before.  Lifehacker explains you can create an online store with little expense or expertise, and it gives customers another avenue for spending their money.  Aim for a site that is simple and attractive, and choose your shopping cart system carefully.  The last thing you want is a clunky system, prompting customers to bail on sales at the last minute.  And if you already have a great website, consider adding a store to your content.  


Of course, you can’t have a fantastic website if you don’t have a solid web hosting company backing you up.  Companies like InMotion, for example, provide a number of benefits to customers, including free domain names, data storage using state-of-the-art SSDs, and two data centers on both coasts, which essentially ensure that your website will remain fast and available to your clients and customers whenever they need to access it.


Retain in-store business


Online shopping is growing by leaps and bounds, yet some research indicates the in-store shopping experience is alive and well.  If you have a physical storefront, ensure it thrives by going the extra mile.  Aim for an attentive staff that personalizes customer care.  For instance, if Joe Smith comes in your coffee shop every Saturday morning for a medium mocha to go, your staff can acknowledge Joe and ask if he wants the usual.  As a result, customers are more apt to be faithful, and you can help those busy folks get back to their day quickly.


Along those same lines, you need to provide a reliable, efficient checkout experience.  A top-notch credit card machine ensures a streamlined, user-friendly, and quick purchasing process for customers.  Look for something portable, secure, and which offers a transparent fee system so you don’t have any surprises.  And in the event you have a problem, a selection offering 24/7 support is ideal.


Choose effective apps


Being able to keep your fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in your business at any time and from anywhere means you can address issues as they pop up.  It’s also a chance to take your work on the road, whether that means adding portability for meeting with clients or suppliers via the web, participating in special events, or simply staying in touch with staff when you’re out.  For instance, that coffee shop can spend Saturdays hitting the farmers market crowd and capitalizing on summer festivals with the addition of a coffee cart and portable credit card machine, and a few well-chosen smartphone apps ensure you never lose touch with team members.  


Hitting the road


As Forbes explains, breaking the line between e-commerce and physical stores is important.  Customers appreciate and expect a varied experience nowadays.  If you aren’t already, seek mobile opportunities such as community events.  It’s a chance to expand your business and further develop your customer base, all the while making efficiency, service, and productivity a priority.  Joe Smith will be just as happy (or even happier!) to run into you at the market, and to know you remember his favorite drink.


We live in an age where people expect more out of businesses than they used to.  Make sure you have an effective website, keep purchasing experiences simple and quick for customers, and choose tools that keep productivity and efficiency top-notch.  Making your busy customers happy can help ensure your company’s future success.

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