Stress-Relieving Tips for Business Owners

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Guest post by Julie Morris. Julie is a Life & Career Coach with and was in no way compensated for the publishing of this post. Harvester Solutions has not tried or used any services provided by Julie’s company.


Relieve office stressPresident Harry Truman famously kept a placard on his desk that said, “The buck stops here.” If you’re a business owner, you can probably relate to the meaning behind that phrase. It means the authority and decision-making resides with the leader. It’s also a reference to the fact that the responsibility lies with you. Whether you’re the leader of a nation or heading up your own company, the person in charge has a tremendous burden. Even if being a business owner is a long-held dream, the job comes with tremendous stress. You need to find ways to cope with the pressure so you’re prepared to perform at a high level and make your dream come true.


Owning a business is a huge investment as well as a gamble. It’s understandable that you’d want to have your hands on as many parts of it as possible. But you can’t do it all, and you shouldn’t try. Delegating can keep you fresh and mitigate a lot of stress. There are always tasks that do-it-all business owners can hand off to people they’ve hired to help carry the load. You hired and trained employees to do a job, so let them do their thing. Delegation is good for everyone involved. It keeps everybody involved and working together toward the same goal.

Let the marketing people handle the writing and curating of social media content. Social media makes it easy to do branding thanks to resources like Facebook, which boosts sales by driving customers who are motivated to do business directly to you. A well-conceived social media outreach plan can take a lot of responsibility off your plate and reduce a lot of stress.   

Quiet time

A lot is riding on your effectiveness as a leader and executive. That’s why you have to find ways to manage stress throughout the week. Every now and then take a break, whether it’s a full lunch or a few minutes in the afternoon when the day feels like it’s getting away from you. Find an empty office or quiet space where you can take a deep breath and focus your thoughts in private. Or, take a walk in the fresh air. Productive thinking is important, but it’s difficult when you’re overwhelmed by details. Consider making time for a long weekend. Even if you just spend it at home, it’s an excellent way to recharge mental batteries and get you revved back up for the challenges ahead.

Eat right

We all forget to eat healthy when work gets hectic. Try to be mindful of the need for nutrition and a good balance of healthy foods even when work makes it tempting to sacrifice good personal habits to the needs of the moment. A healthy diet keeps you invigorated and helps stave off illness, which a business owner can ill afford. Listen to your doctor and get a good mix of vegetables, fruit, whole grains, white meat, fish and nuts.


Everyone needs at least seven hours of sleep each night. It’s one thing you can’t afford to neglect. Lack of sleep leaves you feeling listless, uninspired and mentally unprepared, and it’ll catch up with you very quickly. Sleep restores the immune system and keeps you feeling fresh and mentally sharp.  


As the leader of a business, it’s vital that you stay physically healthy and mentally sharp. That means sharing the workload with others, getting the rest you need and observing good self-care habits every day. It’s an investment in your well-being and in the success of the business for which you work so hard.

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