Social Media Idea on Paper to WordPress Webpage Reality

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Many great things start off as fleeting ideas that need to be documented quickly or be lost forever. I come up with lots of social media ideas and have learned through heartache that I need to get them quickly transferred to the closest notepad I can find. If the idea doesn’t make it to paper ASAP then I know it will never become a reality.

Social media idea

Social media idea on a notepad

Social media idea on paper

Here is an example of how my idea to add a quick social media evaluation service offering to the Harvester Solutions website began. I grabbed the closest notepad of paper that I could find. I wanted the idea down on paper ASAP because I get paranoid that I will forget the “killa” aspect of my idea. On several occasions I have thought to myself, “Stephen, put that down on paper NOW or you are going to forget and be pissed at yourself. Just write it down now”, and then said “Naw”, only to space the idea and get upset at myself for not heeding my own advice. Not this time, got it down on paper ASAP and turned that idea into a webpage on my WordPress website!

I started with a quick Title area. The top  is where I scratched out several page title ideas. They had varied elements that are catchy to both humans reading the page and search engine robots scraping the new page.

Next, I outlined the simple steps that users would need to complete in order to receive the URL digital analysis service. I brainstormed on paper the layout and verbiage, including the required fields and elements of PayPal and social media promotion.

Once I had the idea down, I moved on to searching the Internet to find the functionality that I needed to offer a paid service to folks looking for a quick digital analysis. Paypal (I already had an account setup) provided an easy embed code for the collection of data from the user that I needed along with the payment functionality and cool Pay Now button.

Utilizing social media networks to promote the new digital analysis service is a MUST. I knew about custom tweet tools available like TweetThis and did some research for the one that best met my needs. I chose ClickToTweet because it is a great free application that allows you to create the exact Tweet you want users to share. The service then makes the act of sharing that tweet as simple as 2 clicks and the message is posted. Plus they offer some nice link click analytics. In my particular situation with the digital analysis service page, I wanted folks to tell their Twitter peeps how quick and easy the service is to use. I created a customized tweet that reads: “Get your quick digital analysis from TODAY!”


Here is what an idea scratched on a notepad can be turned into with a little imagination, know-how, and WordPress

Social media idea transformed into a WordPress webpage

Social media idea transformed into a WordPress webpage

As you can see the concept of the Title and elements of PayPal and a Tweet on demand option were incorporated into the webpage. The process was made incredibly simple for the user to perform the desired action of submitting a URL for a quick digital analysis.

Paypal took care of the inputting and collecting of data along with the payment processing capability. All of this was configured on the Paypal website, then a small code snippet was copied and pasted into the WordPress webpage. I found the PayPal configuration tool and easy code embed ability was the best and most cost effective solution for the digital analysis service page.

And, finally, there is the ClickToTweet custom function that users can easily click to post a tweet to their personal networks. This is great for the word-of-mouth awareness aspect. Having someone tell their friends and colleagues about the service is a much more powerful endorsement that me just tweeting to the world about the great digital analysis service that Harvester Solutions provides.


Well, I hope this helps bring a really good idea that is in the ether a little bit closer to reality. It is amazing what a social media idea, a single scratch piece of paper, and WordPress can actually do regarding getting a tangible service out on the Internet.

As always, please feel free to contact Harvester Solutions with any questions or projects concerning social media and the digital world. We enjoy helping others understand and utilize the Internet to get things accomplished.

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