Social Media and WordPress: A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

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Fish N Chips like Social Media and WordPressI like to say social media and WordPress go together like peanut & jelly or fish ‘n’ chips. It is just a relationship that works together very well. To make the two work together takes a bit of effort (just like making food) but can be so satisfying when the results are seen. Two things need to happen before social media and WordPress can begin to do great things and create that mutually beneficial relationship. I’m going to outline them below.

WordPress Website

First of all there needs to be a WordPress website. Not the type, but a self hosted website that has a unique url (web address) and is using the CMS software from to run the site. Not hard to get set up and running, but it does take website setup and WP knowledge to get it going successfully. Get in touch with us if you need help setting up a WordPress website. Secondly, social media accounts need to be setup and optimized for each channel the company wants to use. That means having a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. account claimed on the platform and then fully optimized to get the most out of the social media channel. Be sure to do things like fill out ANY area they give to talk about the business. Think keywords and use them in those places without overstuffing them. Again, this is something that we can help with so feel free to contact us to get help. OK, you’re rocking with the two main requirements, so what next? Here is where some of the technical stuff comes into play. The WordPress website needs to have some functionality added to get things flowing. I always recommend and frankly rely on using an SEO plugin to help with social media efforts. Use WordPress SEO by Yoast or All-In-One SEO because they are the industry leaders and do what they need to do. Plus, their development teams regularly update their plugins to make them better. Here is another place to think about and use keywords relevant to the business. Spend some time to research and discover the words and terms people are searching to find content that relates to the company. Google has lots of tools to help with this along with a slew of other helpful resources on the Web. Just search for keyword tools and a plethora of resources will pop up. Visuals are important to complementing and enhancing content. Pick images or video that really accentuate and help to further the information that is being published on the website. This will help keep a reader’s attention, but can also be the hook that gets a reader to look at the content in the first place. Use social media icons on the website. Place those icons where visitors to the website can easily see and click them. I suggest putting social media icons in both the header AND the footer of the website. And, to take it one step further, I like to have social media links on the Contact page too. People expect that a company has a social media presence of some sort so make it easy for visitors to find those places. WordPress has many, many options for social media icons and sharing on social channels. Here are a few of the plugins that we’ve used on websites:

That covers the basics on the WordPress side of the house. Now let’s talk about some basics for social media sites to get the ready to share the company website content.

Social Media Sites

Remember that keywords were mentioned before. Here is another place where they come into play. Be sure to use the focus keywords that were used in a blog post of the website in the verbiage that goes into the social media post. This helps to tie the information together for the reader and for search engines trying to qualify the data. Social media channels are spokes on the company’s marketing wheel and the website is the hub from where those spokes extend. So, use social media to drive traffic back to the website hub. After all the company doesn’t own the content and messaging on social media, the social media companies like Facebook and Twitter do. If for some reason they go away tomorrow then all the content on their platforms goes away too. The company website is content that is controlled and owned by the business so get people to go there from social media channels. Use the “social” side of social media to show a more personal, less institutionalized side of the company. Showcase the hard efforts of employees, loyal clients, or company events to let others know that this is a company of people, not just a group of well trained professionals doing great work. Folks have trust in and are more loyal to a group that they feel an honest connection with and social media is a perfect medium to develop those connections. Making a WordPress website and social media channels work together to benefit marketing efforts is key to success. Feel free to contact Harvester Solutions to learn more about how to do just that.  

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