WordPress Training


WordPress training

Do you have a WordPress website? Are you frustrated because you can’t get your WordPress site to do what you NEED it to do? Would WordPress training on things like creating pages and posts, SEO, contact & email forms, social media linking, and staying up-to-date with everything in the WordPress world be helpful? Would this training get you just over that one hurdle so you can keep moving forward?

Help for Your WordPress Training Needs

I often run into scenarios where the client requested & received a great looking WordPress website, but the website developer had zero desire to train the client on how to get the most from WordPress. This is where I am happy to step in and assist.

You hear all the time how easy and quick WordPress is to install, setup, and use. Well that is true if you are familiar with the Internet and web technologies. In actuality, WordPress is just like any other software, i.e. email or WORD, and it takes some time and a learning curve before it becomes “easy” or second nature. The good news is that with a little bit of customized, focused WordPress training can do wonders to make things easier.

The hardest part about the WordPress training is finding someone that can do the training. Finding a group that is willing to review a WordPress website dashboard to look at themes, plugins, and settings specific to an organization is an almost impossible task. Fortunately, Harvester Solutions provides customized WordPress training so you can get on with your business and have your website work.

Here’s how the WordPress training will work

The goal of the training is to provide you with a hands-on and interactive experience that gives you the freedom to ask questions, get clarity, and begin to feel comfortable using WordPress.  We’ll use screenshots and other visuals to guide you through the process and to reference as you move fully into using this new website platform.  We definitely encourage questions and real time problem solving because it really helps when learning new things.

Training needs to take place after the WordPress website is completely signed off on from the developer. Once the site is up, we’d schedule a time at your earliest convenience to begin the training regimen. Following this timeline we can focus on training and not be dragged down by interface tweaks, verbiage nuances, colors, layout, etc.

Training Modules:
The following are examples of what we can cover in a WordPress training:

• Walk through basics of Administrative Dashboard on the WordPress website
• How to create new pages and posts
• How to edit existing pages and posts
• How to Add/Remove/Edit user accounts for the WordPress website
• Explore key options for Plugins, i.e. SEO plugin for WordPress website

That’s it! Now get customized WordPress training so your website can do what it needs to do for your business.

Please contact us and we can talk to see what can be done to meet your WordPress training and education needs.