Social Media Foundation Plan

strong social media foundation Accounts, profiles, channels, etc have to be set up correctly to get the most out of social media for business. Just like a building, social media requires a strong foundation to be effective. With that good foundation, a business can build an effective, engaging social media infrastructure. Harvester Solutions builds strong, effective social media foundations. Here is what we do to get a social media started and/or revamped to get more engaged fans, customers, and clients:

  • Set up and optimize the most relevant social media channels for the business
  • Set up a social media dashboard to ensure easy monitoring and engagement of the target audience
  • Analysis of the company website to maximize the social media compliment

This Social Media Foundation Plan also includes the Digital Audit. We start with the audit because it establishes a benchmark. Knowing where a business stands is the best way to show improvement and define success. Contact us today to start building a foundation that will support a full digital marketing strategy.