The $99 Quick Digital Analysis

Have you ever wanted someone to look over your website or social media page to see what can be done better? Would you really like someone who has worked with digital and social media for 10+ years to do the looking? You have found the right place. I have the experience and savvy to review your online property and return points to improve it.

Get a Website Page or Social Media Account Analysis

All you need is $99 to get concrete results. It will take no longer than 5 business days after receiving your URL for me to look over and return results of what can be done to improve things. Follow the steps below and be well on your way to having social media and/or a website come to life for you and your business.

  1. Submit URL and email address (email address is so we can send the results back to you)

    URL / Web Address
    Email Address

  2. Wait 5 business days for an email that will contain a quick digital analysis.
  3. Receive an analysis that lists actionable items to improve the digital property!

All done! Now get that “ah-ha” moment and be pleasantly surprised by discovering items that can usually be tweaked quickly and bring tangible results. Discover items often missed on websites and/or social media platforms such as:

    * social media icon placement for best click thrus
    * menu structure to get more user actions
    * URL customization options
    * social media platforms to focus on
    * social media sharing function integration options


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