Harvester Solutions is just that, a full solution to help secure a strong social media presence for a business. We offer single services or an entire package depending on the business needs.


Get a Digital Audit today!

Before changes can be made, a benchmark has to be set to measure performance and define what success looks like. A digital audit that goes through the business’s digital details is a great way to begin well informed when starting projects that will impact the online presence of a business. Harvester Solutions will get the business online details that are needed to plan and pull-off a successful digital project. A digital audit includes:

  • All website and social media links that you provide and any others links that I am able to discover during the audit
  • The audit will list the strengths and weaknesses of the website and social media channels
  • The audit will list “next best moves” for the website and social media channels

The document is helpful because it lists what is doing well and where digital improvements can be made to improve a digital footprint for a business. The audit is also a great reference to help guide the online revamp process and to improve the online image of a business.


Start Building a Strong Social Media Foundation

After a digital audit is conducted, it’s time to start formulating a solid plan. Just like the building you are in, you have to build a strong social media foundation to ensure a stable platform that can be built on and scaled up!

Here is why to get Social Media assistance:

  • Helps you keep-up-with and understand all of the constant social media changes and updates
  • Gets you a strong start and then a firm foot-hold in social media to engage customers & clients to drive more business
  • Improves your business’s chances of being ranked highly in search engine result pages (SERPs) and reduce the likelihood of being punished by Google
  • Helps you manage advertising on the Internet
    • Understand, navigate & use Google Adwords
    • Effectively work with Facebook Ads
    • Educate about Ad platforms on other social media platforms
  • Keeps you in the game so you can stay competitive against the other guys

We work with each individual business to come up with the solution to ensure that the business gets the best representation on the Web. Social media is a huge factor in effectively promoting a business. Understanding and using social media will help to grow business by engaging clients & customers. We can do this for you or teach you how to be successful using social media. Call us today to set up a consultation appointment so we can discover how to benefit your business. Use our Contact Page to connect with us. Feel free to look through our featured clients list too.