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Lots of news lately about passwords being compromised. For example, LinkedIn a couple of weeks ago getting thousands of passwords and other customer information compromised. Password security with password managementOr, Yahoo! having passwords and email addresses hacked and then posted for all to see on the Internet. These are just a few of the highly publicized password hackings that have gone on in the recent past.

There are ways to recover from a hacker getting an account password. LinkedIn published an article letting users know the best practices for account security and updating a LinkedIn password. And Yahoo! updated this article after being hit by proof-of-concept hackers.

However, these are reactive responses to bad people doing bad things and others not being quite so diligent in the security arena. I really feel that it is much better to be PRO-active instead of RE-active. Better decisions are made and much better results are delivered when a plan is thought out and implemented rather than saying “O Shite” and slapping together a quick fix. So, with that said, I want to recommend that folks use a PASSWORD MANAGER of sorts and make life safer and easier for everyone.

I started off with what Symantec offered via the Norton Internet Security Suite many eons ago. It worked well, but I was running into issues with passwords that I needed when using other computers or on my Android device. (Yes, I said Android, no Apple juice flowing in this tech house…) An absolute genius that I do work with at Nullvariable suggested LastPass password managerLastPass (the last password you’ll have to remember). I researched the password management service, listened to my highly technical friend talk about passwords and made the decision that I too needed a password manager in order to be safe and make my life easier. A few minutes later I was signed up with and using the Lastpass service on all my computing devices. Haven’t even tried to look back either because the LastPass service works so well.

A client needs to be downloaded and installed on all the devices that need password managing However, if on the fly access is needed, then just login to and get all saved password information. The connection is secure (HTTPS) and all information is encrypted when transferred via the Internet and/or stored on a device. Really cool service with cool security and accessibility to boot. Read what PCMag had to say about PastPass for more information about this password management offering.

Please share how you feel about Password Managers and what services that you have found to be useful.

Also feel free to contact me at or leave comments below.


  1. i used last pass but i switched to roboform because i like the user interface better.


    July 24, 2012

    • Cool. What do u like better about the UI in roboform over lastpass? Can roboform be used w Android?

      Harvester Solutions

      July 24, 2012


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