How to Win Customers from Your Big Business Competitors

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One of the greatest challenges facing small business owners is competing with established brands. These big brands offer unbeatable convenience and value to their customers, and they seem to have limitless cash for large marketing campaigns and promotional strategies. Even though these businesses seem impossible to compete with, there are several strategies that small businesses can use to even the playing field.


Analyze Your Target Market


Many big business, like Amazon, provide a variety of products and services to a very broad audience. Their main selling point is convenience and price. To compete, define your unique selling point—this is the reason why customers would buy from you instead. Find out exactly what your else target audience values by creating customer profiles.


Market research will let you know if there’s a real demand for your product or service. It will also help you identify the advantages you can offer over your competitors so you can capitalize on this. While you may not be able to offer the same low prices as your big business competitors, you may be able to provide more personalized service and direct customer care.


Satisfy Customers with a Top-Notch Website


In order to compete with e-commerce competitors like Amazon, Walmart, and Wish, your website needs to be flawless. Customers do not tolerate websites that are slow or difficult to navigate. In addition to essential e-commerce features, let website visitors know what your brand is all about immediately. This often means placing your unique selling proposition front and center on your homepage. In order to make this happen, you may want to bring in creatives to help give you site a little pop and pizzazz. As Upwork explains, hiring a freelancer who specializes in graphics & design can help you develop a new logo, images, and even an infographic about your services or products. Ideally, the perfect candidate will have experience with a number of design programs, experience developing content for web/mobile sites, and possess excellent communication skills so they can collaborate with you and your team.


It’s also critical to ensure your website is reliable. Host your website with a reputable web hosting company so your pages load lightning-fast and your site will be able to handle sudden traffic spikes. Compare hosting services to get the best bang for your buck. To find a web hosting service that meets your needs, compare hosting companies before making a decision.


Engage with Your Customers


As a small business, you have one big advantage over your competitors—you can engage directly with your customers. According to Inc., customers are the best salespeople that a business could ask for. Plus, satisfied customers are more likely to make purchases from you again instead of turning to one of your competitors. In the end, repeat customers are much more valuable to your business than brand new customers.


Engaging with customers is an active process. Get your brand on social media, and start talking to your customers. Ask for their feedback, answer their questions, and thank them for their comments. The best part? Engaging with your customers on social media is completely free!


Provide Unmatched Support


If there’s one thing that many big businesses lack, it’s good customer support. Inquiring customers are often bounced around different communication channels and asked the same support questions over and over. If customers have to contact you about a problem, they want it to be effortless, quick, and productive. When a customer sends you a message, answer as quickly as possible. Many customers expect a reply within hours! Consider setting up a live chat feature on your website so your site visitors can get immediate replies.


Create Amazing Content


Established businesses already have brand authority in their market. Small businesses, on the other hand, can build their reputation with high-quality content. Add a blog to your website, produce explanatory videos, and have attractive infographics designed for posting on social media. You can even produce a short eBook to offer your audience. Deliver informative content packed with valuable information that your audience can use to improve their lives. For help creating authority content, take note of these tips from EngageBay.


In order to find success in your small business, you’ll need to tap into the advantages you have over your big competitors. This means that customer engagement and support should be some of your top priorities. From your website design to your blog content, aim to fulfill the needs of your target customers that your competitors are missing.

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