How to Use Instagram Hashtags for Business

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Hashtags on social media

What is an Instagram Hashtag?

The word “hashtag” is actually comprised of two words; one is hash and second is tag. The Instagram hashtag is a single word or the combination of different words that are used with the hash sign. The hashtags are used in the caption area of the post. A hashtag is one of the best ways for getting instant boost on an Instagram post. Hashtags can also be used for categorizing the post. For optimizing the Instagram post, the hashtags are compulsory. The only drawback is that a max of 30 hashtags can be used in each Instagram post.


Why You need to Use Instagram Hashtags

As mentioned above, hashtags are used for an instant boost on the Instagram post. There are many benefits of using hashtags and some of them are mentioned below.


Get More Likes

If you don’t have much following and you are worried that you are not getting much better response from the users then in this situation Instagram hashtags can help you. For gaining instant likes on the post hashtags are best unpaid solution or on the other hand you can buy auto Instagram likes.  If you are using the Instagram hashtags in the post then you are increasing the chance for gaining more likes on the post. Always use the hashtags related to the post and tags should be already searched by the users on Instagram.


Increase Followers

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Always choose the best hashtags for your post because it is the best way for gaining more followers. The users always searching for the content in the Instagram, if that keyword is present in the post in the form of the hashtag then that post also listed in the search results. For example you have the brand of the men garments and in your post you put the hashtag of the men outfits, then the users those are searching for the men outfits in search results your post will also shown. If the user like your content then might be the user can follow you on behalf of your quality content.


Increase your Sales

Do you know that almost 30% of the Instagram users purchase the products when they saw the product first time on Instagram which means if you are uploading the post of the product with the proper hashtags then there is a 30% chance that you will get the sale. Before uploading the post must research the which hashtags your competitor is using and try to use the same hashtags in your post.


How to Find the Best Hashtags

Finding the hashtags is not the complex work but choosing the best hashtag is somehow tricky. There are many tools and methods are available for finding the hashtags. The methods for finding the best Instagram hashtags are mentioned below.


Analyze the Audience

When you are putting the random hashtags in the post it will not give you much better results rather than when you are putting the hashtags after some research. First of all analyze the interest of the audience and analyze what they are searching frequently and then in the last extract the hashtags and use in the post so how you can get much better results from the audience.


Analyze the Competitor

Every brand or business has the competitor on any platform. If you are doing marketing your business on the Instagram then you should have some competitors. Choose two to three competitors and analyze them completely. While you are analyzing your competitors you will get to know about their hashtag strategy. What kind of hashtags they are using, how many hashtags they are using, which length of hashtags  they are using and etc. You can use their hashtags but we recommend you to choose your own hashtags because Instagram not promote the copy content.


Research Instagram Influencers

Influencers are those who have lots of followers on social media platforms. You can find lots of influencers those are related to your brand niche. Find and analyze some influencers. As like the competitor analysis analyze what type of hashtags they are using, are they using short or long hashtags, quantity of hashtags and etc. You can also use the name of the influencer in the form of hashtag in your post there is no restriction.


Find Hashtags Using Tools

There are plenty of tools and websites are available over the internet these are providing the hashtags for free of cost but finding the hashtag is somehow difficult using tools because these tools are not providing the hashtags on the specific niche, you have to find the hashtags by yourself which is actually time taking.