How to Promote Your Website on the Social Media

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The search engine today is more complex than a decade ago when everyone was
just starting to get into web business. Most of the new websites will not be seen by
people in the search results because there are a lot of competitions from other
websites. This is why you should not solely depend on search engines to attract
visitors but turn to alternatives such as social media to promote your site.

Build Your Presence on Several Social Media Networks

First, you need to build a social media presence by setting up accounts on the major
social networks. If your online business frequently organizes a lot of activities, you
can use Twitter to promote it because Twitter let you post short tweet every now and
then for anything you want to say to your followers. You can consider using to
Instagram if your online business has a lot of products that you can market through
photos. Professionals like elancers and B2C businesses will do well on LinkedIn.
The username should be same across all the social media platform. On each
platform, take the time to fill in your biography and make it interesting to give people
an impression that you are a professional company.

Build Your Follower Base Naturally

On social media, you see a lot of top performers with big follower’s base. Having
loyal fans following you is important, it shows that people like your brand and
product. But, don’t think that your site can suddenly become famous just because
you have a large number of followers. Many new webmasters make mistake buy
purchasing followers, they want to make their account look popular with a lot of
followers. But all these followers are not interested in your product and so it will not
drive any real traffic to your site. Instead, build your follower base from scratch and
let people naturally follow you.

Post Regularly on Your Social Media

If you want to maintain your followers, you have to post regularly. If you don’t know
what to post, just write something that comes across your mind. You can make how-
to videos or testimonials videos of satisfied customers to promote their products.
Videos should be uploaded on a video sharing sites like YouTube and then use a
URL shortener to shorten the video URL before sharing it in your Twitter.

Share Some Freebies on the Social Media

People like free stuff, so you should share freebies like ebook. If you find it hard to
write an ebook, just search the web and compile some free information to include in
the book. You can even combine several PDF files you find on the web and share on
the social media provided you have permission to do so. You’ll need to use a PDF joiner
to combine the PDF documents.

Write Posts on Trending Hashtags

One way to get lots of instant traffic is to write a post on the trending hashtags.
Trending hashtags are topics that many people are posting on the social media. You
can use online tool to do research on hashtags that are trending on Twitter. You can
also join weekly trending hashtags that are relevant to your industry.

Organize a Contest

You can hold a contest to get attention from people to visit your website. You will
have to create a contest landing page where the participants will submit the entries.
You can also offer bonus for people who recommend others to join your contest. By
organizing a contest, you will be able to obtain a lot of email addresses for your
email marketing campaign.

Get Customer Testimonials

Collect testimonials from your customers and then create pictures with quotes on
them to post on the social media. The testimonial picture can be linked to the
customer testimonial page on your website. It will motivate people to become
interested about your product when they read good testimonies about your product.

Get Help from Influencers

You can get help from influencers who have strong presence on the social media.
You can ask them to help tweet a few messages to promote your product/services.
You can offer freebies to the influencers and ask them to help you post a tweet about
your product on their accounts in return. You can also pay the influencer a fee to
post a tweet about your product. There are lots of micro influencers that charge a
reasonable price for the sponsored post.

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