How to Live Tweet An Event

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Live tweeting an eventLive tweeting is a big part of covering an event and to getting maximum exposure on the Internet. In order to be successful, a plan needs to be in place so the event activities don’t become overwhelming. Dividing tweeting activity into time segments that are focused on specific event content can make the daunting task of live Twitter coverage very manageable and doable. But there are things to do before the Big Day.

A key step is to think about what needs to be done BEFORE the event. Depending on the goals of the Twitter coverage at the event, much research and outreach via non-Twitter channels might need to take place before the actual time of the big gala. At a bare minimum, gather a list of all the main participants involved with the event: venue, sponsors, panelists, etc. Knowing what needs to be accomplished via Twitter at the event will help decide what needs to be done prior to the event.

Let’s go through a basic set of guidelines to make a successful and impactful live Tweeting event.

Live Tweeting Basics

  • Develop a unique hashtag for the event or be sure to use an established organizational hashtag. Use that hashtag in all tweets that are posted about the event.
  • Post a Tweet at least every 15 minutes with the hashtag mentioned above.
    • Mention any event sponsors at least twice. A good rule of thumb is post a minimum of once at the beginning of the event and then again at the end thanking the sponsor for the contribution, product, service, etc. that benefitted the event.
    • Thank the venue where the event is being held, including their Twitter handle, at least twice during the event. Again, at the beginning and at the end.
    • Share all Twitter handles of key figures at the event in a single Tweet. (I.e. panelists, key speakers, honorees)
      • Do this at the beginning of the event so others tweeting can have the Twitter handles for everyone.
      • This helps to encourage others to mention key figures at the event by their respective Twitter handles and to increase buzz.
    • Posts tweets with a worthwhile or memorable quote/message from each main event participant, again including their Twitter handle.
  • Remember that pictures perform well on Twitter, so post images from the event… be sure to include the event or organization’s hashtag.
    • Don’t forget that short videos do well too.
    • Take several short videos that showcase moments during the event or interview event attendees.
    • Post the videos to YouTube after the event and then share the YT link via Twitter using the event or organization’s hashtag.
  • ReTweet (RT) and Favorite as many Tweets as possible that mention the event or organization’s hashtag, the event’s participants / panelists, and the event venue location.

Now, take these basics to the next event that needs live Tweeting and get strong coverage online.

Additional info: It is a good idea to also monitor and track the “buzz” around the event with a social media dashboard like Hootsuite in order to maximize reach, engagement, and overall exposure. It’s also handy when the time comes to report data to the bosses on the results of the live tweeting efforts at an event.

Download the “Live Tweeting Checklist” for a handy reference guide to tweeting any live event.

Contact Harvester Solutions if live tweeting is a service that would be beneficial to you or an event that you are helping to make successful.


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