How to Ensure People See Facebook Posts From a Business

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I wrote an article a while back that discussed how to ensure people see your Facebook posts, and it got some really good Internet traction. The Facebook blog post was the number 1 landing page for Harvester Solutions content for several months. Now I want to tweak what I said to better match what’s going on in the Facebook world now. Because, as we are all too familiar, Facebook likes to change things and make it a challenge for business owners and digital marketing people to get content seen by the right audience.

In that earlier post, I talked about a quick process to run fans through so they can be sure to see a business Facebook Page post. Now, Facebook has changed and the pay-to-play model is in full effect.

What do you do if the budget just isn’t there to run Facebook Ads?

Never fear because I have the answer.

Remember content is KING, right?!? It is, so make sure you are producing the best possible content that you canCWPencils - IG1COM with the funds and resources at hand. Take lots of interesting and conversation-starting pictures related to the business. One of the accounts I manage uses images of newspaper articles to illustrate the power of pictures and also to show that the print industry isn’t dead.

Now incorporate a unique, eye-catching image with every post that goes out to the company Facebook Page. Make sure that the image complements and illustrates the verbiage that is in the post. Having a post that is “complete” is important.

Be sure to have people share the image. Sharing is social media gold and is a basic organic behavior that Facebook Business Page managers want to have happen, as often as possible. When a user shares a post, image, a video, it is an endorsement of the Page’s content and that can’t be bought. Tagging people and other Pages that are in or related to the image is a fantastic tactic to get more shares. People like recognition and when they see themselves brought into the light by a Facebook Page, then they are more likely to share the image with their friends and family on Facebook.

OK, people are sharing the incredible images that are being produced because you’ve taken the time to tag them in those great shots. How do you ensure people know the images came from your Facebook Page and aren’t just random weekend pics of friends. That’s easy… drop a watermark into ALL images that are published in social media channels and brand that image. Make sure it is the company logo or something that is uniquely associated with the business. This way everytime the image gets shared (because you tagged people in the image), everyone will see an association to your business because of the subtle watermark in the image. It’s a win-win for everyone because people are happy to share their faces and the company is happy to have their branded image shared throughout Facebook.

RECAP of How to Get People to See Facebook Posts


1) Create the best branded images that you can with the budget on hand
2) Tag people and businesses in those images when they get posted to Facebook
3) Encourage sharing of the images to maximize their reach in Facebook

All of this is done without any ad spend on Facebook. With that said, if you are able to produce great content with a good sharing strategy, then you can IMPROVE your reach and engagement by supplementing all that effort with paid Facebook advertising. It is affordable, can reach a very targeted market, and is what Facebook really wants you to do. I’ll talk more about Facebook advertising information in a future post.

As always, please feel free to contact Harvester Solutions to discover ways to do social media better and get the results you desire.

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