How to Choose a WordPress Development Company

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How to Choose a WordPress Development CompanyFinding a web development company is difficult. Finding a WordPress development company… you’ll be spoilt for choices and spectacularly miss your mark every time you wade out there.

Why is it difficult?

  • There are no standards or authorities regulating the requirements of being a ‘professional’ WordPress developer.
  • The chances of developers being within a 100 miles of your location are slim to none (based on your current location).
  • The Google search shows spammy-looking results all filled with corporate drivel that barely makes sense.
  • All of the above.

It’s a risky business, trusting a ‘website’ with your time and money. But if you know how to look, you will find the needle in this haystack of jargon.

So shake off that desolation, fire up your search engine, put in the keywords, and press enter.

Only this time, on every company’s website you visit:

      1. Check Portfolio for Competence

Keep in mind that it’s a development company, which means they give slightly more preference to function over looks. That’s just as well. You can judge a development company’s competence by taking a thorough look at their portfolio.

Visit every site they have on the portfolio and test each of them for 3 things:

  • Performance (loading speed): Use Google PageSpeed Insight.
  • Responsiveness (design ‘adapts’ on various devices): Resize browser window or use Screenfly.
  • W3C standard Compliance (clean, error-free code): W3C HTML validator.

Whatever you may want for your website, these three are irrefutable essentials. If the portfolio websites pass with flying colors on these three dimensions, you can be assured that the company has quality standards and it maintains them.

      2. Ask for References to get Confirmation about Claims

So the company has a good portfolio. Fair enough, but to be sure about the projects’ development and delivery, ask for at least 2-3 references and talk to them.

Here’s what you should focus on:

  • Did the company’s solutions help them? To know if the company is capable of understanding the big picture or if they are just “code” people (not necessarily bad if you have unlimited time and resources to spend, but businesses have business to do).
  • How was their experience while working with this company and after the project was finished? Find out how willing the company is to collaborate or communicate during the development process. Do they simply wash their hands off the clients once a project is done, or do they provide support and answer queries?

It’s risky and downright mad to put your money on a WordPress development company without checking how reliable and willing they are to communicate. Regardless of what they are saying, do a little digging to see if there’s any truth to their claims at all.

     3. Know the Process to See how they Work

This one is tricky, simply because there’s no fixed cost for custom development work on WordPress. It depends entirely on your website and wishes.

Check their process to understand how they work. Pay special attention to:

  • Delivery Dates: Your firm should give a fairly close estimate of turnaround time (along with the quote) upon receiving your mail.
  • Milestones: You should be notified and kept updated of significant developments/issues. (Usually they assign a project manager to take care of this).
  • Required from you: The Company may ask for backend details, passwords, HTML files, etc. Know what is required from you beforehand so workflow doesn’t get bottlenecked.

Heads-up: You’re not wrong about jargon
If the roasted corporate B.S. gives you a bad feeling in your gut, listen to it.

It’s up to you to hire a company or not. If you cannot bring yourself to trust a company because of their sky-high claims, then leave them out.



Once you find a Custom WordPress development company you are satisfied with, start small and test the waters. If you are happy with the test project, then go ahead

Parting Tip: If you like their work, maintain a long term relationship with the WordPress developer company. Once a developer team works on your website, they have a deeper understanding of exactly what you need and how to go about doing it.

Not to mention it saves you the headache of going through this all over again…


Author Bio: Tracey Jones is a web development expert who works for a leading custom WordPress development company. She has served many organizations by helping them in developing user-friendly websites. She loves to write and share every possible information about WordPress in her free time.


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