How to Capitalize on Online Relationships – Take Them Offline

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Taking Online Relationships to Offline OpportunitiesSocial media sites like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter are great for developing a community of engaged online connections. But, how do you capitalize on online relationships and turn them into affiliations that are mutually beneficial? Easy, take them offline.

Yes, that is easier said than done, but by turning that online connection into a real world connection, a world of new opportunities can arise. I have spent years developing my online presence in social media. Places like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and various websites are all platforms where I concentrate my online networking, but the best way to develop any real relationship that turned into something tangible was when I took individual online relationships and moved them into the real world.

3 Examples of How to Capitalize on Online Relationships by Taking Them Offline

Here are a few examples in my professional life where the move from online to offline benefitted everyone involved.

First example goes into my WordPress online community and one of the first online/offline relationships that I cultivated in Southern California.

I have a love affair with WordPress. The community around the platform, the software itself, and the greatness it offers to the world are all things that I really enjoy about WordPress. So, when I got to Los Angeles, the first networking event I attended was a WordCamp, WordCamp Los Angeles to be exact. Even before the WC, I engaged with other WordPress community members via Twitter talking about what to expect, who to try and meet, and what sessions to attend while there. This connected me with a well known SoCal WordPress activist, Adam Silver. Adam is KitchenSinkWP and runs the local South Bay WordPress Meetup here in LA. He was a great online friend that helped me and other WP Tweeps to understand and navigate all the greatness of WCLA. Instantly I recognized that this person would be a fantastic in-real-life (IRL) connection. I did a little cyber stalking, discovered he worked a few miles from where I was, so I reached out via Twitter, then email, and we met for lunch. We now work together with WordPress and I also do the social media management for the South Bay WordPress Meetup group. The rest is history!

Second example involves my work with Social Media Club LA (SMCLA) and culminated from Twitter in a matter of a one day conference in Santa Monica. Social Media Club LA membership has perks, and one of those happened to be a free pass to a technology conference in Santa Monica. I attended because I like staying in the know with all aspects of tech, and, of course, I tweeted during the entire day’s event. This caught the attention of another attendee, Cynthia Johnson of RankLab. She also is affiliated with Social Media CLub by way of being on the Global Board of Directors for Social Media Club. After several quick tweets, we arranged a meeting locale and had an IRL meeting. From that meeting we laid the groundwork so SMCLA could have a new venue location in Santa Monica and also get Cynthia as moderator for an SMCLA panel discussion. That was certainly a win-win from a Twitter conversation online to working together in real life!

Last example is from my love of motorsports and promoting my passion for it online. Long Beach, CA comes alive with motorsports in the month of April every year. This year three major sporting events were in town and being a huge motorsports fan, I personally promoted everything I could about the events. The first race weekend was FIA Formula E, the innovative, all-electric race car series that is driving the future of automobile transportation. This technology and initiatives intrigue me and I tweeted and grammed lots of facts, figures, images, and team information before the FormulaE weekend. This got the online attention of the title and logistics sponsor, DHL. Natascha Otero, who does consulting for DHL’s Director of Media Relations, reached out to me. She invited me, and a handful of others active in social media, to attend the DHL “Behind the Scenes” tour of the Formula garage area that included meeting several drivers and an inside tour of the ABT Audi team garage. This was a huge online to offline relationship win for me!

Now, the next time tweets are flying and posts are going, keep in mind how those relationships can be capitalized on and made into valuable offline, real world scenarios. As always, feel free to contact Harvester Solutions to learn more. We are happy to discuss how we can help take online, digital connections offline into real world, beneficial scenarios.

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