Goals, Strategy and Web Videos

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Everyone likes to have things made easy for them, right? Videos make life easier because the only effort that is involved is looking at a video screen, i.e. iPad, mobile phone, computer, tv, etc. So why not make it easier for folks to find out more about you and your business.

It is always uber important to identify goals for projects, and videos are no different. Figure out why a video needs to be produced. Then identify ways to track whether or not that video is doing what it’s supposed to be doing. Determine metrics to track and define what success will entail. Then go and shoot the freakin video.

Here are some things to help keep the video project rolling along.

Web video goalsFirst – what message does the video need to convey?


A suggestion is to educate potential clients about how or why something kicks so much butt and how it will help relieve great amounts of pain. People can see how the product or service will benefit them or save them gobs of money.

Second – Make the video as sharable as it can possibly be. Provide people with all the Share buttons like Facebook Share, Tweet, Pinterest, LinkedIn, all of them! The inherent nature of videos is that people like them or see value in them and want to show others the cool video. Give the video the easiest path to

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