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Social Media strategy tips

What is a social media strategy? Or, the business needs a good, simple social media strategy. These are questions I hear often when a business comes to me and they are trying to figure out how to use social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to gain more business. Social media can seem like it is just posting and replying to people, but it is a WHOLE lot more than that. And, you have probably already figured that out if you are reading this. That’s why I have outlined a basic social media strategy that will get results for a business if followed to the 9’s. Read through the strategy and start to use social media to improve your business today!

  1. Do keyword research. This is discovering a handful (3 – 5) words that customers and clients use to find information related to a business when searching (Googling stuff) on the Internet. You probably already have a good idea about those keywords, but do some research anyway because you might be REALLY surprised to find the words that people are really using to find information about your business or industry.
  2. Create a simple editorial calendar in order to road-map what social media activity will take place over a set period of time (30-60-90 days are good increments). This really helps to keep team members (or yourself) on track with regular content creation and posting to social media channels. Remember regularly created and scheduled content looks very good to customers, clients and search engines, aka Google. Try to post something EVERYDAY in the beginning and see how the audience responds. It might be discovered that folks want to see content more often or see content of different types.
  3. Follow and try to interact with people and businesses on social media that compliment or relate to your business or industry. Share, reTweet and comment on other posts in social media. This will get you on the radar of others in your industry and also shows that you want to interact and participate in the space that you claim to have expertise. Being “social” in social media shows that you are someone that others want to interact with and someone they can turn to for answers or help.
  4. Track and measure social media activity so results can be quantified and reported to the powers that be (or so you know for yourself that things are working, or not). I recommend a social media monitoring platform like Hootsuite to manage all of your social media from one easy location. Posts, pictures and shares can all be scheduled and tracked via a SM management platform. It does some really cool things like track the number of clicks on a link that was posted or show the new followers/fans that came to a particular social media account.
  5. Use what is discovered while interacting with people and measuring social media efforts to formulate the next step of the plan. The information and data discovered show insights that will help direct the efforts of all marketing and development going forward for the business.

Following these simple social media strategy steps will get your business established in any social media channel. Within 90 days of strictly following these guidelines you should get your business tangible results that can be seen in new customers/clients and increasing revenue potentials and establishing the business as an industry thought leader. If you don’t get the desired results then review the steps above and tweak your plan to best fit your business and industry. And, as always, if you are still at a loss for getting positive social media results, then please get in touch with Harvester Solutions and we will be happy to help.

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