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The other day it came up again…telemarketers calling me. And not just any phone, but my cell phone. That irritates me to NO end! So I decided to re-look at the US government’s DoNotCall list website so I could try and get back on the list. Apparently after signing up to “not be called” you are only on the list for 5 years. So if you have past that first 5 year mark, then a little due diligence is needed and you can be signed up again.

Do Not Call list

I dug around quickly with Google, ran across the DoNotCall website and was truly excited to have found it so easily. I figured a tweet to the world would hopefully help a few other folks find the DoNotCall information as well.

The process only took a total of 30 seconds on the website. The only information they want is the phone number you want to NOT be called and an email address so they can send a verification email with a link. The link email took approximately 30 minutes to show up in my Inbox, but it arrived and I simply clicked the link to verify that the phone number was added to the master DoNotCall list.

There have been a few telemarketer companies that have been ignoring the requests of folks that have signed up for the website but that should all be changing soon. The US government is trying to shut down companies that ignore the requests of people that do not want to be called…by telemarketers…EVER! Sign up for the list today and start the efforts to keep annoying telemarketers from invading your phone line, at home or on the go.

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