Create Strong Passwords or Get Hacked

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OK…lots of news about passwords being hacked and user accounts being compromised so here is some advice about what to do in order to prevent the nasties from getting your valuable passwords. In a previous post, LastPass was mentioned as a great password manager. LastPass is cool, but if you’re paranoid of “the cloud” or “other people” getting access to password management services, then try some due-diligence on your own.

Create Strong passwords

Here a few of the tips and tricks that are good ideas to consider when creating a password.

  • DON’T use the same password for every single freakin account that is created online. That’s just not a good idea.
  • DON’T use something that is easily guessed or public knowledge, i.e. birthday, anniversary, kids name(s).
  • DO use a password with a variety of characters, i.e. !@#$%^&* or try using non-English characters mixed in with the standard English ones. Make it tough on the hacker!
  • DO use a unique system for putting together passwords.
    • Try taking a quote that has been memorized, then choose the first letter of the words in the first line of the quote. Take that string of characters and voil

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    1. Read a tip once to use standard word, but to mis-align your fingers on the keyboard, so keyboard becomes lrunpstf. Good tip, but I found it quite difficult to actually do it.

      Mark Rodeffer

      July 23, 2012

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