COVID-19 Resources Small Business Owners Need

By on Jul 2, 2020 in Tips |

Guest post by Elena Stewart. She is an inspiring and artful writer that can be found doing great things on her website,

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Small-business owners all over the country are struggling to keep up in the world of COVID-19. Social distancing has affected every industry and forced us to re-imagine how we approach teamwork, sales, marketing, and more. This is uncharted territory, but the business owners who can manage to capitalize on the moment will be rewarded in the long run. Here are a few resources that can help you figure out the possibilities for your business’s future. 


Financing Relief


Need some help making your financial picture make sense? 


  • Small business owners can turn to government-funded relief loans and grants.
  • Industry-specific grants and loans, as well as other private options, are available as well. 
  • If your business has had to shut down entirely, it’s a great time to go over your budget and make sure you have a firm understanding of your financial situation.
  • Work with Harvester Solutions to revamp your social media foundation plan to increase profits by thoughtfully engaging with clients and customers.


Remote Work Resources


Transitioning to remote work is hard in the best of times. Here are a few ways to make the process easier on your team. 



Brick-and-Mortar Upgrades


If you have a physical location, consider this an opportunity to make positive changes! 



This is a time without guarantees, during which we all must balance the urge to play it safe against the call to be bold. Business owners who focus on how to make the most of this moment will be remembered. Use judgment and creativity to find your business’s best path forward.