ConciergeWP is No Worry WordPress Security & Backup

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ConciergeWP: Relax, We Got This

ConciergeWP: No Worry WordPress Security & Backup

ConciergeWP is my trusted WordPress security and backup resource and I recommend it to anyone that has a WordPress website.

WordPress is great because it is an open source based website software platform that is constantly developed and improved. Plus, it really works well with many aspects of the social media world. I like to say they go together like peanut butter and jelly or fish ‘n’ chips. So, with that said, anything that is constantly refined and developed needs to be updated and backed up on a regular basis. Not to mention it is always a good idea to keep safety in mind with it comes to the Internet.

This is where ConciergeWP comes in and makes life in the WordPress world so much nicer and easier by doing several key things to make your website safe and secure.

First, this turnkey, total solution will backup your WordPress website. That’s a full backup, both core files and database files, because that is what you need if anything crashes, gets hacked, or when things just go a bit wonky and you can’t fix it.

Plus, the service will update those same files as needed. “As needed” can be quite often because you are┬ádealing with an open source, constantly developed product.

And, ConciergeWP can scan for malicious activity that might be affecting your website.

This is a complete solution of ongoing backups, updates, and security.

ConciergeWP can be thought of as insurance for a WordPress website. But, instead of just being there AFTER something bad happens, CWP is constantly working to make your website up-to-date and safe & secure along with the backup insurance. Just like any other investment in business you have to regularly maintain it to prevent breakdowns. No one likes a breakdown because that usually means a loss of revenue and costs additional money to get the breakdown fixed. Use CWP to get peace of mind and take the worry out of your business website.

Please feel free to contact Harvester Solutions regarding WordPress security and backup options.

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