BOMA Orange County Luncheon July 30, 2015

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Stephen Harvey, Panelist at BOMA Orange County luncheon July 30 2015

Left to Right: Shane Flanigan (BOMAOC), Lindsay Tredent Mauch, Clint Collins (BOMAOC), Apryl DeLancey, Stephen Harvey, Rebecca Hall

I had the privilege of speaking at the Building Owners and Managers Association of Orange County, California (BOMA OC) on July 27, 2015. On the panel with me was Lindsay Tredent Mauch, Founder & CEO of LTM Digital, and Apryl DeLancey, President & CEO of Social Media Age. The panel was moderated by Rebecca Hall, President & CEO of Idea Hall. It was a great opportunity to meet other social media and digital marketing personalities in the Southern California area and get to share my knowledge of digital marketing with the BOMA group.

“Branding in the Social Media Age”  was the panel subject and title. The audience was just what you’d expect, a large crowd of individuals that either own or manage commercial properties in Orange County, Ca. It was a packed house with over 120 attendees all eagerly wanting to know how they could use social media to help or reinforce their current marketing efforts in the commercial real estate industry.

Rebecca, Apryl, Lindsay, and I spoke for 45 minutes on a variety of digital subjects ranging from how to start in social media and what platform to focus on to interns and lion killings. However, what the subject matter boiled down to was “be sincere and helpful” and always keep in mind the “social” aspect of social media. Keeping these fundamental ideas in mind will help to ensure an engaging, sought after social media presence that customers and clients will want to engage with and endorse.

BOMA OC Speaking event July 30 2015

Packed meeting room for the BOMA Orange County luncheon on July 30, 2015, “Branding in the Social Media Age.”

One of the best take-aways from the “Branding in the Social Media Age” discussion was to always track what is being done in digital channels. Whether that is on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn or if it’s activity on the company website; everything needs to be tracked and measured. A great tool to do this is Google Analytics because it tracks many aspects of online activity. Also, reporting features like Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics that are built into social media platforms are excellent ways to measure and quantify. No matter what tool or tools are utilized, social media efforts have to be tracked and reported in order to see success and/or failures so efforts can be developed and improved. Tracking and measuring marketing activities online will help guide digital activity for the business.

Overall, the BOMA Orange County luncheon panel was a huge success. I felt everyone walked away knowing more about how to use digital media to help promote and market their business. Please feel free to contact Harvester Solutions if you need help or just a directional arrow to feel more comfortable using social for business.

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