Be a Guest Writer

Be a guest contributor to Harvester SolutionsGuest write for Harvester Solutions! Share your thoughts, showcase your knowledge, demonstrate that you’re an industry expert with something to say… do all these things by being a contributor to the Harvester Solutions website.

Here are the details so you can get started today. Submit articles to sharvey at harvestersolutions dot com for review. After we receive your submission, give us some time to review it, and we’ll get you feedback.

Guest Contributor Guidelines

  • Feel free to write about what you do in regards to business. Show that you know what you’re talking about.
  • Keep the text between 350 – 750 words.
  • ALL content submitted needs to be original and exclusive to Harvester Solutions. We have the technology to know if it’s not 100% original.
  • Include an image for the post (if possible) and make sure it’s legit. We respect artists and their hard work.
  • Lastly, a 3 – 4 sentence bio for you, AND, include a headshot. I will put your bio info in the post if I use it and also on a guest blogger page that I’ll put together at a later date. A link back to your company or website is fine.

Now get writing and showing off how much you know!