7 of the Best Social Media Tools to be Productive

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Social Media toolsEver wonder how everything is going to get done because it feels like keeping up with social media is SOOOoooooOOOOOooooo time consuming? Lots of folks have and that is why this article listing the best social media tools to keep productive is so good. Without further ado the list begins!

FULL DISCLOSURE: Some of the links are affiliate links that benefit me non-monetarily. I use them because I like, enjoy and want to promote the services they link to.

      1. Hootsuite

        This tool is a social media aggregator (not alligator) and it will make life good again if many social media accounts have to be managed and updated regularly. This free (and pay version, of course) tool allows for the management of practically all social media accounts. It provides a URL shortener, analytics for shortened URL’s, scheduling options to say when posts will go out, and also great search tools to do in-depth research on a subject, company or idea. Read more information about Hootsuite and mobile options.

      2. Dropbox

        Online storage is extremely convenient and can be a lifesaver. Dropbox is a great way to have a “folder” out on the Web (in the Cloud) that can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection. That means any Android or i-Apple device will be able to connect to those files too, just download the app. Great for when something gets forgotten and the office or at home. Again, there is a free and an upgrade-to-pay version.

      3. Lastpass

        OK, before you can start using Hootsuite, all the social media accounts have to be setup and what if (heaven forbid) Hootsuite disappeared…where would all the social media account information be stored? Lastpass is the answer because it is a password management tool that stores all the websites and their corresponding login information. Security concerns are real and should be considered, however Lastpass has an excellent track record and can be trusted at this time. Google “LASTPASS review” to get more of the details on security. Lastpass can also manage websites accessed from mobile devices but requires a premium account.

      4. Pinterest Addon Apps and Extensions

        These range in a variety of incarnations, but each are a good way to easily share content to a Pinterest account. Here is what Pinterest offers. There also a good number of plugins for WordPress websites that allow for the easy sharing of images to Pinterest or following a Pinterest account. Take a look at my Pinterest account if you are not familiar with Pinterest and see how it can be used to showcase images.

      5. WordPress

        This is an excellent content management system (CMS) for creating websites that empower a non-technical person with the ability to create and maintain killa websites. WordPress has thousand of free and pay options for enhancing the software. Themes, plugins and special bits are only some of the offerings that are available and free on the Internet for building great WordPress websites.

      6. Toggl

        Managing all the social media for clients is taking up a lot of time and where is all the time going? Toggl is a great time management and tracking tool. Just like the rest of them (except WordPress) there is a free and pay version. It is a matter of the functionality and features that are needed to best track project time in particular situations. Also, Toggl has a great mobile app for both iPhone and Android devices when time tracking isn’t necessarily in front of a known computer.

        UPDATE: We have a new solution as an alternative to the one mentioned above!

        Time Doctor

        When you need to know how and where you exactly spend your time on the computer, Time Doctor is the tool for you. It gives you an analytics of your workday and provides you with every data needed to monitor and improve your own productivity. It also gives you a nudge by showing a popup when you get distracted from your task at hand. That is very useful to keep you focused at work.
      7. Google Apps

        Need a way to have email that is from your domain (i.e. urname@mydomain.com) along with having a shared calendar so everyone can see what everyone else has scheduled and/or the need to collaborate on a document or presentation so it can get approved and sent put? Google Apps can do all of this and more. For organizations less that 10 users the free Google Apps version works well, if more functionality, users or support is needed then paid plans are available.

All of these tools will make social media easier to manage and also make digital life more manageable. Harvester Solutions uses all of these tools on a regular if not daily basis. We use them at a computer and on mobile devices. Without a doubt, the tools mentioned make life simpler and easier to manage. This makes it easier to get more from social media and engage with clients, customers and people.

Please feel free to add any great tools that help you on a regular basis in the comments section below. If you have any questions about or need to implement any of the social media tools mentioned, then contact Harvester Solutions and we will be happy to help.

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