5 Tips to Help Entrepreneurs Get a Good Night’s Rest

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Branching out in your own business can be an intimidating yet highly rewarding adventure. Whether you have decided to turn your hobby into a passion or share your skills and knowledge as a consultant, indulging your entrepreneurial ideas can be a huge life-changer. And being your own boss and setting your own hours means you have the freedom to manage your own future and direction. On the other hand, you’ll likely have to work longer hours, take less vacation and deal with the stress of running a business. While there will be many moments of victory to celebrate, there will also be times when you make major sacrifices. One of the biggest sacrifices entrepreneurs make — sleep — is also one of the most detrimental.


If you’re losing sleep because you’re so focused on your business, here are five ways to improve both the quality and quantity of your sleep.


Tip #1 Celebrate Your Wins

A common occurrence when we’re trying to get to sleep is ruminating on everything we didn’t accomplish that day. You could be exhausted, but when your head hits the pillow, your eyes pop open. You run through your to-do list, thinking about all the tasks that fell through the cracks. The next thing you know you feel guilty, stressed and anxious. Instead of wringing your hands about what didn’t happen, celebrate what did happen. Make a list of all the things you did complete so you are able to fall asleep with a sense of accomplishment.


Tip #2 Upgrade Your Mattress

With your mind and body working overtime on your business venture, your sleep may suffer because you simply can’t get comfortable. Purchasing a new mattress could be the key to better rest. Of course, the world of mattresses can be overwhelming, and your time is limited when it comes to research. Check out reviews from solid sources and consider purchasing online to save you time and effort. Finding out what type of mattress you need is the best place to start — memory foam, hybrid, latex, and innerspring mattresses are the most common options.

UPDATE by Stephen Harvey:
I’ve noticed lots of entrepreneurs taking to the open road. They are living and working out of RVs and campers all while making a living. Thought it would be nice to include a link to an article that details how to pick the best RV mattress.

Tip #3 Create a Bedtime Routine

When you are working around the clock like most entrepreneurs, you may almost feel too exhausted for sleep. Establishing a bedtime ritual can help signal to your body that it’s time to wind down. Start your sleep routine at the same time every night. You can begin with a warm bath, good book, cup of chamomile tea or some gentle, relaxing yoga. Be sure to turn the lights and temperature down — this will encourage your body to begin producing melatonin. A regular routine lets your mind and body know that it has permission to slow down and let go, being more open for sleep.


Tip #4 Stay on a Schedule

Work-life balance for entrepreneurs is hard, and your sleep can suffer when those lines are blurred. Creating and sticking to a schedule will help you keep business out of the bedroom, which can distract you from sleep. A schedule will help you maximize your most productive hours. For example, people who are more likely to be groggy or distracted in the afternoons can load up their most important tasks and meetings in the morning. This can help you avoid late nights with the laptop in bed, stay away from afternoon caffeine and keep conference calls brief in the evening. Once the time comes, shut down the phone, tablet and laptop. The blue light from the screens will prevent your body from producing melatonin, the hormone responsible for your sleep.


Tip #5 Exercise Regularly (But Not Too Close to Bedtime)

You are going to be busy — busier than you ever thought possible. Staying up instead of sleeping is one shortcut some entrepreneurs make when they need to get work done. Another is cutting out exercise, “me time” and socializing. All of these are important for self-care, but exercise is important for both  taking care of yourself and taking care of business. Exercise will help you manage the stress of working on your own, so it doesn’t haunt you at night. Plus, working out literally wears you out. Your body needs sleep to recover from exercise, so you’ll be more apt to get longer and deeper sleep.


Entrepreneur insomnia can happen for many reasons — you’ve got a lot on your plate. Whether you are excited for a new client or trying to meet a production deadline, sacrificing sleep might end up sacrificing business. Try out these five tips to reclaim your sleep and become a more productive and efficient entrepreneur.

Guest post by Eva Benoit. Eva is a life coach helping people with anxiety and other ailments. She was in no way compensated for the publishing of this post. Harvester Solutions has not tried or used any services provided by Eva’s company.




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