5 Easy Social Media Tactics for Audience Engagement

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social media tactics

Use good social media tactics to get audience engagement

Getting fans and followers to engage with a brand or business in social media is the best way to get a corporate message disseminated online these days. It makes since…do something really cool or interesting and other people will feel compelled to comment, share and talk to their friends about your brand’s contribution to online content.

Creating phenomenal content is THE best way to get these positive actions from people that you want to engage with so you can hopefully sell more stuff to people or at least get the word out to them that your company ROCKS! The process of creating the best content (posts, pics, videos, contests, give-aways) can be tricky but is doable. Start by doing research on the audience that you want to connect with and discover what makes them tick…or, at minimum, what makes them smile. Once you have uncovered those gems of info, you are well down the road to creating AWESOMELY ENGAGING content.

Alright, the rockstar content is flowing…now what?!? Try these tactics to get engagement from your audience.

5 Tactics to Engage Your Audience of Brand Fans and Followers


  1. SHARE – take that great content and share it across all the social media channels that the business has out there on the Internet. On the flip-side of that, absolutely share content that you find valuable too. “Share the Love” comes to mind. By doing this, it will put your content and business in the radars of others that are affiliated with what you do in some manner.
  2. FAVORITE (⭐) – by favoriting a post in social media, you are essentially telling others that the content is valuable and something that you like and want to reference later.
  3. RETWEET – this is applicable on Twitter and is similar to a SHARE. When you retweet (RT) a post on Twitter you are telling your audience that you found value in the post and they probably will find value too because your audience has similar interests to your business.
  4. FOLLOW – the ultimate way for a business to show love to a fan. NOTHING thrills a loyal fan more than when a brand or business follows them back on social media. It is a huge ego boost for people and can result in huge brand advocacy.
  5. CONTRIBUTE – this tactic is probably the most labor intensive after creating phenomenal content. But, since the business is already in the mind set of creating great content, why not contribute to others efforts too. Show that you are an industry leader because you contribute valuable information to a variety of industry resources…not just your own company channels.

Now go out and implement one or all of these social media tactics and see great results come back. If you have any questions abut digital marketing or how to get social media to work for your business, feel free to contact Harvester Solutions.

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