3 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Efforts

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Are you wondering why your business’s Facebook page is doing nothing for your business? Are you writing, posting, sharing, making online love in all the right ways? Do you want some quick advice to make it all seem better with your social media efforts? You have stumbled upon the right post today!

Ok, take a step back and let’s see what you have regarding social media accounts and other digital properties on the Internet. Take inventory and see exactly what you have out there. You never know if ex-employees, current employees, strangers, etc, have created accounts that represent your business online. I have run into several instances where past employees opened a social media account and the company wants to use that account but can not access it because the employee is no longer with the company and ZERO documentation is out there to get access to the account. It’s a great idea to document ALL findings (URL’s, logins, passwords, any details about accounts) so they can be easily accessed by staff members in the future.

website hub for social mediaMake sure that if there are business social media accounts that you tell everyone that sees any company materials. Those materials include, first and foremost, the website; but also need to include business cards, brochures, flyers, mailers, videos, any branded material that goes out the company door. By doing this you are sure to inform folks that your business is alive and well in social media and on the Internet.

Now, you will do an inverse action to the above…be sure that anytime something company related gets published in social media that it somehow points back (via link, etc.) to the company website. The company website is really the ONLY thing on the Internet that you as a business owner have full control over and pretty much own. Facebook accounts, Twitter feeds, LinkedIn profiles do not belong to you and can be manipulated or deleted at any time and you can do almost nothing about it.


  1. Take inventory and document ALL social media profiles and/or digital accounts on the Internet.
  2. Be sure to showcase the business’s social media accounts and other online properties on materials that go outside the company.
  3. Point people back to the company website when posting in social media.

All right, that should get you a good start at bringing digital efforts for the business to life. 

UPDATE: (3/07/2016)

With the right social media tactics and exposure you can increase online engagement among your followers. Frankly, it is not hard and it is quite simple as all you need to do is post something which is attractive as well as interesting related to your business.

No doubt, social media sites are effective tools and they perform in the best way if properly used. Do you know that 43% of viewers purchase products whose ad appears on YouTube? Even 51% of digital marketing experts use Google+ for their marketing tactics and getting customers. Just check out the given Infographic to know more and chalk out the best strategies to take your business to new heights.

Social Media 101 For Business - Factosocial

As always, feel free to contact us here at Harvester Solutions for more insights into how to make your online efforts more productive. If you have an awesome tip, trick, or tweak that has brought your business online success, then feel free to share it below in the comments!

Photo Credit: OurChurch.com
Infographic: idigic.net

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