3 Quick & Easy Ways to Drive Social Media Engagement

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It is all the buzz in the digital marketing world right now… how do we engage our audience on social media channels in order to drive word-of-mouth talk and sales? Well here are three ways to get that engagement with fans and followers on social media.

3 Tactics to Get Engagement on Social Media

Social media engagement with contests

Drive social media engagement with contests


I. CONTESTS – It’s simple, people like to win stuff. Put together contests that encourage people to share, like, comment about a service the business provides or a product that the business wants promoted. Facebook is a great place to run a contest. Third party services like OfferPop are affordable options when planning and putting together a social media contest. Or, make the process a little more manual and run a simple “LIKE” contest based on a post that is made on Facebook. Be sure to Google “basic online contests guidelines” to make sure that you have all bases covered when it comes to the legal side of contest on the Internet. Nothing major to discover, but it is a god idea to know what you CAN NOT say or put out there.

II. COUPONS & DISCOUNTS – One of the top reason people have anything to do with companies in social media is because people want to hopefully get an exclusive deal or discount that others are not privy too. So play that up, get creative with some graphical know-how and create an eye-catching coupon or discount offer for people that LIKE or FOLLOW or whatever your social media account(s). Even if the creative juices aren’t flowing that day, lots of great templates for coupons can be found online for free or practically free. Take advantage of those resources if you have the same graphics design impediment that I posses.

III. GIVE STUFF AWAY – Address the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) human nature question by saying EVERYTHING! Forgo the formalities of creating a contest or creating a killer graphic coupon and just randomly pick a social media fan/follower and give them something. Then make a HUGE deal out of it and share the “give-away” experience on the company social media channels. Be sure when evangelizing the winner that links to specific company website landing pages are shared so people can check out the awesome product or service that the business just gave away to a random, lucky winner.

Now, just haphazardly putting together a shotty contest or slapping up some crap post about “Here’s a COUPON” is probably not going to get the stellar results that were envisioned for the effort. BUT, if some time, thought and effort is placed in the brainstorming and planning process, then some really great contests, coupons and giveaways will show up.

If your business needs social media engagement help or just want to know more about how social media can work for a business, then feel free to contact Harvester Solutions. We are always happy to help!

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