10 Reasons Startups Should Launch Their Site On WooCommerce

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Launch your website on woocommerce

All of us have heard the term commerce or e-commerce, but what is this new term called WooCommerce? You must have definitely heard about it if you have looked up online about setting up an e-commerce website or if you are using WordPress. WooCommerce is nothing but a simple, open source WordPress plug-in used for creating websites with e-commerce functionalities. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes, but startups are the ones who use it the most.

There are several reasons why startups launch their websites on WooCommerce. Some of them are as follows –

1. Free of cost

Budget is always a big matter of concern for any startup. They have either self-raised beginning capital or investors money that they are accountable for. They are hard working, and want to get the most from the least amount of investment. Therefore, WooCommerce being free of cost for a website which helps a lot in making them reach their objectives and experimenting with various things at affordable rates.

2. Variety of services

WooCommerce being a WordPress plug-in comes with its own set of pros. WordPress is already known for its amazing websites and blogs. Woocomerce is the latest, most successful plug-in for WordPress. If a user is using the WooCommerce themes, they not only get the e-commerce functionality, but also amazing layouts for their blogs and websites. Getting all services in one place makes it easy for the person who is handling this department as well.

3. Familiarity

WordPress being an old company has established well enough to have the majority of the people running their website via WordPress. The users have become familiar with the interface of WordPress which helps in understanding the developments of the website in an easier manner. It helps in using the new and complex add-ons in a comparatively simpler way.

4. User-Friendly

WordPress is an open source software, and so is its plug-in WooCommerce. One of the essential elements of being open source software is that you have to be user-friendly. It does not use extensive and complex codes. It shows its services in such a way that any person with no technical knowledge can run the basic functions of the website. It is simple, and that’s what makes it successful.

5. Customization

For someone who has a problem with using the same theme as others, and not being able to stand out in the crowd of digital marketers, WooCommerce provides a solution for that too. It is possible to customize the website as per your needs and demands. You can add or delete particular plug-ins, or you can hire a person with little technical knowledge to handle the coding in the website for customizations.

6. Professional Look

Sometimes to save money, people end up hiring website developers who provide you with an unacceptable and an unprofessional website. With WooCommerce, you would not face that problem. It has layouts, divided into different themes. Being an e-commerce plug-in, it makes sure that all its themes have a predefined professional look attached to it. Of course, you can enhance the look of the website as per your needs and requirements.

7. Less use of technical knowledge

Gone are those days, when you need to have the technical knowledge to make any sort of sales online. You cannot sell your e-books, products, services, coupons or anything else by just making a simple website via WordPress and using the open source plug-in of WooCommerce attached to it. If you take care of your digital activities and your product is in demand, you will realize that your sales will start shooting up.

8. Easy Analytics

It is very important for any business to understand the needs of the business, to see where they stand and what the areas they need to concentrate on.  Woocommerce provides analytic in such a way that it is simple for people to understand. It provides the correct measurements for activities like online sales, geographical areas of sales, in cart rates, etc. Such analytics help in shaping up the model of the business.

9. App Options

Woocommerce allows the user to connect to a wide range of apps, which in turn helps the user in running the business more effectively and efficiently. Such apps help in different sectors of the online business like marketing, payment gateways, etc. Many of the app options are free and some are paid. It depends on the value each app is adding to your website. It is a service which allows you to pay only for the things you need and leave the useless ones behind.

10. Growth Opportunities

The fact that WooCommerce provides you a simple way of selling your products online, without any technical background is a big enough opportunity. Along with that, it also allows you to make several changes in your website as the demands and reactions of your consumers. Such services right at your fingertips can help you grow a lot in business. In today’s digital era, when everyone is lazy and can purchase anything by just sitting in front of their computer screens, it is necessary to develop an e-commerce website for the growth of your startup. If such actions regarding your startup are not taken at the right time, you might lose the race and see your competitors pass right across you.


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