Harvester Solutions was founded in 2009 to provide business owners cost effective WordPress website services along with social media promotion, client acquisition and retention, company growth and digital media channel development.

Lead WordPress Evangelist

Lead WordPress Evangelist

Stephen Harvey, Lead WordPress Evangelist at Harvester Solutions likes sowing the digital seeds.

Time for a Hayride?

Time for a Hayride?

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Harvester Solutions has worked with many individuals and businesses on both US coasts. We have clients in Greenville & Upstate South Carolina as well as the Los Angeles metro area.



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Harvester Solutions worked directly with President and Owner, Randi Handshoe. We developed Internet strategies to

Harvester Solutions is just that, a full solution to help secure a strong social media presence for a business. We offer single services or an entire package depending on the business needs.


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Before changes can be made, a benchmark has to be set to measure performance and define what success looks like. A digital audit that goes through the business’s digital details is a great way to begin well informed when starting projects that will impact the online presence of a business. Harvester Solutions will get the business online details that are needed to plan and pull-off a successful digital project.

Stephen Harvey excelled in his work for me.

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